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Our company's CNC five-axis linkage tool grinding machine CNC grinding wheel has been successfully developed!

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2022-07-01 15:23

After five years of continuous exploration and pursuit,the five-axis CNC machining center developed by our company and the CNC grinding wheel for tool grinding machine have been successfully developed!  The grinding wheel adopts the leading formula and bonding agent at home and abroad,  and the imported abrasive has obvious advantages in grinding force.  Moreover, the optimal production process is continuously optimized and perfected,  the grinding wheel has good flatness,no jumping and high precision. Widely used in Walter, Anke (Anka), Dirk, Shute, Dai Ge Walter and other grinding machines. The grinding wheel has been fully equipped: metal strong slotted grinding wheel, resin slotted grinding wheel, cutting tooth grinding wheel (1V1, 12V9), grinding angle bowl type wheel 11V9,D10/D20 polishing wheel. The product line is rich and perfect, and can be applied to the processing of various solid carbide,high-speed steel milling cutters, drill bits and other products with five-axis CNC grinding machines.  Moreover, our company has specially developed the CBN grinding wheel for stainless steel bone drilling products in the medical device industry. There are also special CNC grinding wheels such as step drill, center drill, chamfer drill and pagoda drill. At present, the products have occupied the domestic market extensively and have been well received by nearly 100 customers. We will also enter the overseas market. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to buy!

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