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The 2nd Sanmei Exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou in 2013.

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2022-07-01 15:23

Guide: Regarding the relevant matters of the next exhibition,the participants will fully discuss and determine that the second exhibition will be held in October 2013 and the venue will be Zhengzhou. The organizing committee will make full use of the 22 months before the exhibition, carefully plan and organize carefully,and strive to double the exhibition area of ​​the second China Sanmei Exhibition,the number of exhibitors and the number of professional visitors, and contribute to the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

The first China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition (referred to as "China Sanmao Exhibition") summary meeting was held on January 13, 2012 in Zhengzhou Sanmao.  The leaders of the conference were: Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Zhu Feng, Director of the Institute, Hu Aili, General Manager of Baige Abrasives Co., Ltd., Lin Hailin, President of China Automotive Industry International Cooperation Corporation, Vice President Jing Yongjian, Vice President Wen Yimei, Secretary General of Superhard Materials Branch Li Zhihong, Abrasives Wang Yong,secretary general of the branch, and Chen Yuandong,  deputy secretary general of the Tujia Abrasives Branch.  The meeting was hosted by Huo Feng, the general manager of the 5th China International Exhibition Center, and Pan Xiaoyu, the person in charge of the Sanming Exhibition, made a summary report.

Manager Pan made a comprehensive summary of the first three-run exhibition from four aspects.  The preface is a review of the grand event held at the show.   In the preparation part of the exhibition, Mr. Pan gave a detailed introduction to the exhibition preparation process from the aspects of exhibition planning, promotion, and investment promotion. Focus on the on-site service part of the exhibition:  Firstly, it introduces the main conditions of the exhibition service, including exhibitor service, audience reception, security logistics, site layout, booth construction, etc. Secondly, using the charts and data for the source of the exhibitor, the purpose of the exhibition, and the main matters Satisfaction, overall satisfaction and other aspects were analyzed. Finally, through the audience geographical analysis, audience purchasing decision analysis,  audience industry and job nature analysis, visit purpose analysis, audience analysis of exhibit interest, detailed analysis of the exhibition audience organization Successful experience and deficiencies in the work. In the continuous improvement section, we focus on the shortcomings of the exhibition and the problems and suggestions put forward by exhibitors and visitors, and propose improvement measures in a targeted manner, emphasizing the gradual improvement and improvement in the future exhibition process. A group of real data, a frame of shocking photos, a comprehensive review of the preparations of the first China San Mill Exhibition, but also fully affirmed the success of the first three mills.

Secretary-General Li Zhihong said: The first exhibition was so good, far beyond expectations, and the participants of the exhibition were quite satisfied. It is very important that the role of forums and meetings is not to be underestimated. For example, the Superhard Materials Development Forum registration meeting represents nearly 400 people from 14 countries and regions.

General Manager Hu Aili said:   It is not easy for the first exhibition to be a complete success.  At the beginning of the exhibition, some exhibitors were skeptical, and we did not know what we were in our hearts.  We are full of confidence in the next exhibition. We must continue to work hard and strive to achieve 100 sessions.

Director Zhu Feng said:  I am quite satisfied with the results of the first exhibition.  Special emphasis is placed on the operation of the next exhibition, the division of labor should be more clear, the operation should be more detailed; the user invitation should make great efforts; the extension service should be solid, and the guests should try their best to do the best. It is recommended that the three associations hold industry conferences at the same time, and the organizing committee should organize more user industry conferences.

According to the Vice President of Yongjian, the first exhibition was very successful, indicating the influence of the three sponsors in Zhengzhou. In the planning process of the next exhibition, it is necessary to take into account the shortcomings of this exhibition, especially in the organization of end users. In the implementation process, we will make every detail of the exhibition and make the exhibition an international brand exhibition.

President Lin Hailin first expressed his gratitude to the three sponsors in Zhengzhou. He also stressed that although the first exhibition was successful, due to the rush of preparations,  it was not detailed enough in some aspects to improve. Doing high-end meetings is essential for professional exhibitions. Mr. Lin also said: During the operation of the next exhibition, China Automotive International will invest more manpower and financial resources, and work together with Zhengzhou three partners to make China Sanmao Exhibition a well-known exhibition.

Secretary-General Wang Yong, Deputy Secretary-General Chen Yuandong, and Assistant General Manager of Minfeng International Exhibition 5, Mr. Tang Min also spoke and confirmed the exhibition.

General Manager Huo Wei said: We are full of confidence in China Sanmao Exhibition.  A good beginning is half the battle. In the future exhibition process, we must improve the inadequacies and improve the service level of the exhibition. Our goal is to form a three-year, five-year fame.

Regarding the relevant matters of the next exhibition, the participants were fully discussed and determined that the second exhibition will be held in October 2013 and the venue will be Zhengzhou.  The organizing committee will make full use of the 22 months before the exhibition, carefully plan and organize carefully, and strive to double the exhibition area of ​​the 3rd China Sanmei Exhibition, the number of exhibitors and the number of professional visitors, and contribute to the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.  Create a world-famous super-hard material gathering area and create new achievements, and make new contributions to the transformation and development of China's modern manufacturing industry.

The meeting also confirmed that the five-year "Global Superhard Materials Development Forum" was held in Zhengzhou at the same time.

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