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Hardware mold abrasive industry needs collaborative innovation and development

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2022-07-01 15:23

China's hardware mold abrasive industry is dominated by low-end molds in terms of overall development. There are few high-end products with technical content. There are some low-end and rough molds on the market.  "At present, the country lacks effective industry specifications for the mold industry, low entry requirements,  and poor market standardization." Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association,  pointed out that the main mold products of the domestic hardware industry mold industry should be larger, more sophisticated and more complex. More economical and rapid development, but the main problems facing the development of China's hardware mold abrasive industry are:

First, the R&D strength is weak and the innovation results are few.  Weak research and development strength is related to the small scale of industry enterprises and few researchers,  but more importantly, corporate leaders need to have the awareness of collaborative innovation.  Business leaders also need to strengthen learning and innovative ideas in order to have innovative results.

Second, the problem of overcapacity is outstanding. The current capacity of brown corundum is about 4.3 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate is less than 30%. According to the situation of the branch, there are still about 250,000 tons of capacity under construction and expansion, which will further aggravate the production of excess capacity.  The green silicon carbide production capacity is about 2 million tons, the capacity utilization rate is about 15%,  and the backward production capacity is still in existence. The enterprises are slow in adjusting the product structure and eliminating backward production capacity. Product homogeneity is serious. In the case of increasing electricity prices, labor costs, and raw material costs, companies can only use low prices to spread low prices. This is also an important reason why prices have not been able to go up.

Third, there are still outstanding problems in clean production, especially in smelting.  The discharge of pollutants such as waste water, waste gas and dust in the process of abrasive processing is lack of treatment.  Abrasives are referred to as "industrial teeth", which play an indispensable role in railway construction.  With the further advancement of railway construction in China, grinding machines and equipment for railway processing, as well as strong grinding wheels for rail dressing, are facing enormous development space.

The rapid development of the hardware mold abrasive industry can not only improve the image and brand of its own enterprise, but also can be applied to many domestic industries.  While researching and developing products, enterprises can pay more attention to market demand and national policies, and timely adjust market orientation according to national policies. Meet the needs of the market.

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