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CBN grinding wheel for grinding high-speed steel hob


Product Description

Product Features

The use of imported CBN as abrasive quality, binder resin powder

The applications mature special production process, experienced long-term production test

Product advantages

Excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy

Efficient grinding performance and excellent abrasion resistance


This type of resin CBN wheel is mainly used in high-speed steel hob grinding.Wherein the black binders grinding high efficiency, long service life of the red binding agent.The product can replace electroplating bonded grinding wheel.The products are now assembling in Wuhan, Qinchuan estate grinder.It is the optimal choice for customers processing high-speed steel hob.

Zhengzhou Ark Abrasives Co., Ltd., produce the resin bond, vitrified bond super abrasives. They are widely used for carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, tool steel and other products. We can provide you with a variety of standard and non-standard specifications, and we are the best partner for your efficient grinding.


产品规格 应用范围 砂轮形状
 4B2 150*15*50*3*3
4B2 200*20*40*3*3
4B2 200*22*50.8*3*2
4B2 250*15*32(40)*24*2
4B2 250*20*32(40)*45*2


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