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Diamond wheel for grinding ceramic structural parts


Product Description

Product Features

The grinding wheels are made of high quality diamond and specially modified resin specially

The most advanced production technology and production equipment

Product advantages

Increase the feed rate, can shorten the the single grinding time by 10% -15%

Each trimming time interval can be extended to 100% -200%


This type of diamond wheels are used in grinding Al2O3 (alumina), SiC (silicon carbide), ZrO2 (zirconium oxide) precision ceramic . The main application industries include ceramic wiper blade grinding paper industry, silicon carbide seal ring sealing industry grinding, grinding of the valve industry ceramic pieces, oil equipment industry ceramic plunger, the grinding of semiconductor equipment ceramic pieces. If you have further inquiries, please contact our sales engineers.

Zhengzhou Ark Abrasives Co., Ltd., produce the resin bond, vitrified bond super abrasives. They are widely used for carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, tool steel and other products. We can provide you with a variety of standard and non-standard specifications, and we are the best partner for your efficient grinding.

Product specifications

砂轮规格 应用范围 砂轮形状
1A1  400*50*203*10
1A1  400*25*203*10
1A1  350*40*127*10
陶瓷阀门    半导体设备
1A1  400*20*203*7
1A1  350*20*127*5
1A1  300*20*127*5
1A1  20*20*6*5
1A1   30*20*10*5
1A1   40*20*10*5
1A1   50*20*10*5
6A2  100*32*16*10*10
6A2  125*50*32*10*10
6A2  150*50*32*10*10
6A2  200*50*32*10*10


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