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Resinoid diamond wheel for ceramic kinives


Product Description

Product Features

The grinding wheels are made of high quality diamond and specially modified resin specially

The most advanced production technology and production equipment

Product advantages

Excellent surface roughness and flatness

Efficient processing speed, and can make your work done faster


Applied to zirconia ceramic tool processes grinding, Hangzhou Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Shanghai Machine Tool Works Ltd, Sichuan Grinding Machine Factory, Guilin Guibei Machine CO., Ltd, Guohao Machine Making Co.,Ltd, Maoming Yi-hua machinery Co.,Ltd. and other famous domestic grinders as well as knives, scissors devicemanufacturers equipment.

Zhengzhou Ark Abrasives Co., Ltd., produce the resin bond, vitrified bond super abrasives. They are widely used for carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, tool steel and other products. We can provide you with a variety of standard and non-standard specifications, and we are the best partner for your efficient grinding.


砂轮规格 应用范围 砂轮形状
1A1  350*40*127*10 卧式平磨刀面
1A1  350*30*127*10
6A2  450*100*20*12*380 立式平磨刀面
6A2  400*75*360*15*10
14A1  220*20*25.4*10*10 夹口磨开大刃
1A1  175*15*25.4*12
6A2  400*75*360*20*10 立磨开大刃
1A1  250*30*40*10 磨刀背
1A1  200*20*25*10 开小刃
6A2  530*125*450*50*10


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