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Resin diamond / CBN double face grinding wheel


Product Description

Product Features

The grinding wheels are made of high quality diamong/CBN and specially modified resin specially

The most advanced production technology . Ensure superior product performance

Strict production process requirements to ensure the quality of products always unified

Product advantages

Face flatness, provide better machining accuracy

Good wear resistance, lower customer production costs

Grinding efficiency, as much as possible to improve the speed of production and processing


Suitable for grinding carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, die steel, bearing steel, carbon steel, spring steel, alloy cast iron, powder metallurgy materials. Face machining can be applied to the bearings, gears, washers, shims, compressor parts, blades,otor, precision springs, cylinder, etc.. Now it was used at Toyo Electric 、Fuji production machine,Germany Peter Walter, Italy, Qinchuan development, Trihexyphenidyl Figure Hangzhou Machine Tool double end grinder assembly.

Zhengzhou Ark Abrasives Co., Ltd., produce the resin bond, vitrified bond super abrasives. They are widely used for carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, tool steel and other products. We can provide you with a variety of standard and non-standard specifications, and we are the best partner for your efficient grinding.

Product specifications

产品规格 应用范围 砂轮形状
2A2T  305*25*152.4*76.3*3/5
6A2M  305*50*80*50*3/5*28
6A2M  305*50*80*75*3/5*28
6A2M  305*50*80*76.3*3/5*28
6A2M  305*50*80*80*3/5*28
6A2M  355*50*25*55*5*29
6A2M  350*40*127*100*5*30
6A2M  400*25*40*150*5*20
6A2M  500*65*160*100*5*40
2A2T  630*63*305*5
2A2T  700*54*300*200*5
2A2T  750*75*305*5
2A2T  840*60*340*250*7


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